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Children's Dental Services

At our dental clinic in Vernon, we are proud to offer a variety of oral health care services for tiny teeth to help set children on a path to life-long optimal oral health. 

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Children's Dental Services, Vernon Dentist

Gentle Dental for Small Smiles

At Pleasant Valley Dental, we love caring for Vernon’s growing smiles. Kids say the darndest things sometimes, but we’re more interested in what’s going on inside their mouth than what’s coming out of it.

Kids are like sponges, absorbing new information every day and picking up on attitudes, mannerisms, and habits they will carry with them for life – that’s why professional dental care tailored to meet the needs of children is so important.

We’re here to teach them the importance of oral health for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles, and our team is committed to ensuring our young patients leave with positive feelings about the dentist.

Kid-Friendly Dental Care

We offer many dental services for tiny teeth to make sure we get them started on the right foot. Kids need regular dental care, just like adults. Bringing your child in for twice-yearly cleanings and exams helps ensure we catch any small problems before they progress.

Caring for Baby Teeth

It's important to care for your baby’s oral health from the very beginning, even though they don’t have any teeth yet! Use a warm, wet washcloth to gently wipe your baby’s gums and the inside of their mouth after feedings. This will minimize plaque and acid buildup for a healthier oral environment.

Your baby’s first tooth will likely emerge around 12 months or one year. The rest will follow suit shortly after. Every baby is different, and teething can continue until around three years.

You should bring them in to see us when their first tooth pops up so we can give them a thorough exam to make sure everything is developing properly. This helps ensure we catch any potential problems before they become more serious.

Toothy Toddlers

You can start using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste as soon as kids can spit the toothpaste out on their own, usually around age three. You should continue to brush and floss for them, as they don’t yet have the motor skills to do so effectively themselves.

Little ones are generally able to start brushing and flossing on their own around the age they learn to tie their shoes – around age six. 

Dental Care for Kids

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